fun with jokes

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kiran went to face the interview
interviewer: where were you born?                                            
kiran: Nepal
interviewer: which part?
kiran: which part? sabai body part ni.....( whole body part was born in nepal)

kiran and niran were fixing bomb in a bus
Niran: what would you do if the bumb explodes while fixing
kiran: Don't worry  i have one more............

kiran; what is the name of your car?
niran: yar i forget the name of my cat but is start with 'T'
kiran: haha what a strange car.starts with tea. All car that i know starts with petrol

teacher was teaching  grammer and he teach how to use the word "beans"
kiran: My Father cooks beans
Niran: My Father grows beans
that's good says teacher milan made a sentence
Milan spoke up " we are all human beans"

kiran joined a new job. in the first day he worked so hard. he worked till evening. the boss was very happy and asked what you did till evening
kiran: Keyboard alphabets were not in order so i made it all right

in the accident one man lost his leg and was crying very loudly" oh God i lost my leg, oh
Kiran: control yourself. don't cry. see that man. he has lost his head. but still scilent, is he crying ?

kiran; you cheated me. don't you
seller: no sir i sold you branded radio
kiran: Radio label shows made in India but radio says" yo radio nepal ho"