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teacher :who was birbal?
Student:  thaha chaina sir
sir:    ta Bajya lai padai ma dhyan bhaye po thaha huncha?                
Studen  t:who were milan, anil, sanjay ?                                            
Sir:      k thaha?
Student     :afnu chori ma dhayan bhaye bho thaha huncha?


Kiran : how many apples can in
empty stomach?
Girl: i can eat 7 aples.
kiran:no u can eat only 1 apple in
empty stomach coz when.u eat
2nd apple thats not in empty
Girl: wow supper joke i'll tell my
Girl to other girl:. How many apple
can u eat in empty stomach?
Other girl: i can eat 10.
Girl: haaaree..... 7bhaneko
bhaye.euta dami joke bhanthe.


british : you  Nepales are  differ in colors,

look we are  all white..?

Nepalese Reply : Horses are  in different
donkeys are  all the same.!


kiran asked to niran : Which Comes First ? Sun Or
Moon ?
Niran:  Firstly Moon Then Sun
kiran : how? and why?

Niran  : Son comes only after


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