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milan shrestha 9:24 PM |

teacher: what is your name?
student: sir mero naam kiran shrestha ho
teacher: when i ask your name in English then give me answer in english
student; sir my name is RAY GREAT

Teacher; what is your name?
student: my name is Beautiful Red Underwear
teacher: what kinds of name is that? don't joke with me. tell your name correctly
student: sir my name is sunderlal chadda

 teacher: what happen in 2007?
student: sir democracy was established
teacher: what happen in 2036?
student: sir people were fighting against democracy
teacher: what happen in 2062?
student: sir again fight for democracy
teacher: what happen in 2069?
student: sir yo question ko answer ta paper ma raina 6 ta .............

teacher: if i saw a man beating to a dog and i stop him then what virtue would i be showing ?
student: sir it's definitely brother love

teacher: beacause of hard work of B.P. KOIRALA what do we get on 7TH FALGUN?
student: holiday


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