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Niran: kiran if you have Rs. 100 and i ask you Rs. 50 loan, then how many rupee remain with you. 
Kiran: hundred rupee                      
Niran: no kiran it will remain 50
kiran : no it will remain 100
niran : kiran i have your 50 rupee as loan.
kiran : that's why it will remain 100 
niran: how???????????
kirna:  just because you ask me loan of Rs 50, it doesn't mean that iam going to give you.

             Knowledge or money
kiran: suppose you have offered knowledge and money, which will you choose
Niran: Money
kiran:if i were you i would have taken why do you take money?
niran: i don't have money that's why. and you don't haveknodledg that's why.


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