Kiran and niran appears exam

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Two college student Kiran and Niran were watching movies till night and the didn't study for the test which was to be held in the morning    

in the morning they made a plan and they made themself dirty and weird with grease and oil . the went to the coordinator and said that they had gone to wedding last night and while returning the tyre of their cat brust so they have to puss their car all the way back and they are not in condition to appear in the test

dean gave them time of 2 days that their re exam will be after 2 days. two days passed and they took exam.

they were asked only 2 question
Q.1. what is your name?..................(2 mark)
Q.2. which tyre brust?.....................(98 mark)
a) Front Right
b) Front Left
c) Back Right
d) Back Left....!!

                                    samsung to sam-sing

In english class teacher was teaching tense
kiran says: sir what will be the present tense of sam-sung?
Teacher: i don't know
Niran says: aare yar that's very simple...... if samsung is the past then samsing will be present


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