kiran's expriment

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kiran took a cockroach to have an experiment . first he cut 1 leg of cockroach and say walk. the cockroach walk. then he cut second leg and says to walk again the cocroach walk. the he cut 3rd leg and did the same. at last he cut it's fourth leg and order to walk but cocroach didn't walk. kiran cry so loudly "i found it" " i found it" if we cut cockroach's four legs it becomes deaf 


kiran climbed in a Mango tree.
Monkey asked: ta yaha mathi kina aako?
kiran says: Apple khana
Monkey: haha yo ta mango tree ho
kiran: idiot maile apple lyako chu


Unknown said...

Kiran , I love your jokes , Thanks so much for this amazing and wonderful collection jokesfb

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