where is the god

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                                                 where is the god
two brothers of age 11 & 13 were so naughty. they always make people come with complain to their parents. parents were so tired of their son's beheviour so they took them to the mental doctor

doctor firstly call 13 years boy and ask him, "where is god?" the boy keep him silence. then the doctor again ask with loud voice, "tell me where is the god?"

the boy suddenly ran away to home and hide himself in the cupboard. when another brother saw this he also ran away after him and reached to home and asked to his brother why you ran from the doctor

the elder brother said "god is missing and every body is thinking that we did it"

                       math problem


Teacher:IF 2+2=4 and 4+4=8 then 8+8=?
Student: Sir That's not fair! You answered the easy ones and left me with the hard one!


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